Vice President Message

Congratulations and welcome to the Rawal Institutions community.

We have been here for our communities through education & development and times of strong economic growth. We provide the learning, innovation and research abilities to students, which they  need to survive and succeed.

Today is no different. We are resilient and ready to shape the future. Join us on the journey!

We are delighted to work in association with Rawal Institutions to enable students from around the world to obtain a valued qualification from us. You are now part of a strong network of Rawalian students, across India and the world, ready to thrive in a digital post-COVID world.

Our purpose is to transform lives and enhance communities. We support our students to succeed and prepare them for the future. We are rated as the best Institutions in India for full-time employment and our graduates have the handsome starting salaries. We strive in all ways to support our students, develop their skills and for the exceptional quality of our teachers. We are best in all undergraduate & postgraduate teaching quality.

This all combines with our industrial and academic collaborations that are focused on solving real-world problems and making a difference in people’s lives.

We invite you to become part of our history.


Vice President